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    The picture of elegance but terrified by nightmares that make sleep impossible, she runs an illegal all-night gambling club for people like her, people who want to live as much as they can despite the damage that has been done to them. This is a sweet, bittersweet comedy, well-executed if perhaps a little heavy on anecdotage, the matchmaker 2012. Add Article. A movie that's somehow delightful even as it visits devastation. Runtime: 72 min. More trailers. Super Reviewer. Matchmaker — Yankele Bride, known as Yasi, is a Holocaust survivor who works as a matchmaker finding marriage partners for his clients. Avi Nesher. The story of the original relationship is the matchmaker 2012 in rich comic flashbacks about this old chapter from history.
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    The Matchmaker. Israel | | Minutes | Avi Nesher. March 15 - 21, Israel's hit coming-of-age film follows a teenage boy in who begins working . The Matchmaker Writer-director Avi Nesher manages to tell a different Holocaust story in this weaving of fable with Globe Correspondent / June 22,
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ЗнакомстваPlot Summary. Tell us what you think. Comedy Romance. Choices in morality and ethics, love and heartache, and integrity are recurring themes. Yankele, a mysterious Holocaust survivor, has an office in back of a movie theater that shows only love stories, run by a family of seven Romanian dwarves in the seedy area by the port. Edit page. Big Little Lies. Who is Francesca Hayward? Log in with Facebook. Walter V.



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