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    It's manga time!! Fox Spirit Matchmaker Trailer. In order to allow the love between a human and a demon to continue even after the death of a human, both parties must make a Pledge of Love and have a memento that they can use as their Magical Vessel. Was this comment useful? If someone knows what is exactly Aolai and the relation between the fact that Dongfang Yuechu and Bai Qiu En knows them, can explain spirit fox matchmaker manga to me please? Li, Xueyang Main. Xiao Xin. You can support us by leaving comments or just a click on the Like button! Type: ONA, spirit fox matchmaker manga. Score: 7. Wang Fugui. Li Xueyang. You Might Also Like. Wangquan Fugui.
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    Your spirit fox matchmaker manga opinion youNo topics currently in the forum, view the forum or add a new topic now. We promise you that we will always bring you the latest, new and hot manga everyday. However, the fox spirits discovered a solution. Tweet This! Li Xueyang. Despite Susu and Yuechu's resistance, it seems that fate has also destined them to marry each other. Tushan Susu is a clumsy young fox spirit and an aspiring matchmaker who has been ordered by her sister, Yaya the Queen of Tushan , to marry Bai Yuechu , a very poor and greedy Taoist whose mind seems to be set on foiling the Yi Qi Dao League 's plans, money and food. Author: Xia Tian Dao already has views.



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