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    I had no other choices. That, and also the long hours. Both are lifelong martial artists, and both seem like men who would rather talk about fighting than anything else. And that, in a nutshell, is how they view their role in the UFC, matchmaker do ufc. Still, when the time came to cut him from the UFC, he had to pull the trigger. Two weeks ago? It was McKenzie. The UFC has an interesting case on its hands with Faber. Whether Rockhold agrees or not, though, is something only he can answer, matchmaker do ufc. Coming off his bad loss to Donald Cerrone, Alexander Hernandez has concluded that his toughest opponent is matchmaker do ufc. Error Please enter an email address. You can purchase the publication at usatoday. What was this guy doing on the main card? Andrei Arlovski, at 40, has no intention of slowing down anytime soon and plans on fighting another four or five years.
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    Sean Shelby's Shoes: What's next for Chan Sung Jung and UFC on ESPN+ 12's other key winners?

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    ЗнакомстваFix it. Silva became a kind of an unofficial advisor, then an official employee. And so the fight got made, McKenzie got dropped with a body shot, and Shelby got the blame. Sources say he is retiring in light of this financial windfall to spend more time with his family. The Latest. So Shelby did his part, sat for his headshot, then went about his day. He is truly the man behind the curtain.



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