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    Episode 30 The Ape. Episode 13 The Skull. Gumball gives her his sympathies but tells her that Darwin no longer has romantic feelings for her and college personals online is nothing they can do about it but help him find his love. Plot Summary, the matchmaker tawog. Sometimes the show should just be allowed to cherish the moment, regardless of if that moment is formulaic or not, because it makes for proper story-telling I get that TAWOG is a show that loves to defy convention, and its endings love to abide by that, but there's nothing wrong with simplicity. Episode 10 The Vacation. Episode 34 The Meddler. Follow IMDb on. Amanda September 30, at PM. There was just something about how it played as the matchmaker tawog homage to teen emo pop in general, and Darwin in specific, without making fun of either of them. Their first plan involves trying to trick Teri into entering a quarantine, the matchmaker tawog, but Carrie sabotages this plan by throwing out the soda bottle meant to be a "deadly chemical. Episode 35 The Helmet.
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    Commit the matchmaker tawog phraseEpisode 4 The Debt. Episode 2 The Fan. Episode 23 The Sock. Episode 1 The Kids. Episode 39 The News. Episode 19 The Intelligence. Episode 28 The Question. Episode 11 The Fraud. Episode 19 The Traitor. Episode 24 The Sidekick.



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