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    Robert Mandan as McGlory Senior. The Matchmaker Genres romance comedy, film the matchmaker. Saffron Burrows as Moira. Plot Summary. Big Business Still made me cry the second time in a row. Certified Fresh Picks. Jimmy Keogh as O'Hara. It's all very well-intentioned, but Garofalo mostly looks pained and uncomfortable as various touristy Irish village stereotypes film the matchmaker around her. Slums of Beverly Hills Sign up here. Akemi Otani as Japanese Bride. Nick Denis Learyone of McGlory's advisors, thinks that it might mean some extra votes in McGlory's heavily Irish-American district if he can arrange a photo opportunity with any relatives McGlory might have in the Olde Sod, so Marcy is sent to Ireland to find any surviving members of McGlory's family. Sword of Trust.
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The Matchmaker

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Pity, film the matchmaker rather goodFilming took place on location in the town of Roundstone, County Galway. An Irish cocktail, Irish cheese plate, and The Matchmaker. He is not her idea of sophistication, especially when he has a Kleenex stuck up his nostril because of nosebleed. Patrick's Day tradition now. Tommy Tiernan as Vince. A very sweet comedy about an American who finds love in Ireland. Super Summer Movie Guide Sandra Contreras.



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