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    In it was dead simple, if you had Avid brakes with a twin bolt clamp and SRAM trigger shifters with removable clamps then bingo you could combine them by buying a special Matchmaker clamp and neaten up your bars no end. GPS mount sits next to the stem. Now for MisMatch 1. The reality turned out to be a little more complicated, matchmaker x integrated. That plastic shim comes out, and the curved part of the I-Spec II Integration unit sits in the brake lever clamp. Shimano introduced their I-Spec integration system, and promptly changed it the next year. Note: this version attaches directly to the MatchMaker clamp. Matchmaker X cuts bar clutter. Holy crap! Still got some room there on the left. SRAM has blessed us, in that this clamp has remained relatively unchanged for a number matchmaker x integrated years. Here is our attempt to clarify.
i integrated x^x? (see description for fematika's vid, integral of x^x from 0 to 1)
    Results 1 - 25 of TRP Integrated Mountain Right-Hand Shifter Adapter SRAM MatchMaker SRAM / Avid Matchmaker X MMX MTB Bike Right Shifter Brake.
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Matchmaker x integrated willBrake companies such as Magura, Formula and Hope have also joined the game with aftermarket clamps to pair their brakes with shifters as have dropper remote manufacturers like Wolf Tooth — tidy. The plastic shim is removed and replaced with the MisMatch 1. Your dropper remote? But now, maybe you understand why these little machined bits keep us so busy. Note: this version attaches directly to the MatchMaker clamp. If we missed something, let us know! It can be confusing figuring out which MisMatch adapter is suitable to which combination of shift and brake levers. If you need to use the restroom, or get yourself something to drink, now is the time.



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