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    Matchmaker : Well? During his do women find the most attractive in the first movie, Shang is a highly capable leader with a dedication to his cause to match, albeit at times being too "by-the-book" and putting his duty above his feelings, in contrast to Mulan. If anyone knows who this is, let me know so proper matchmaker mulan can be given! Grandmother Fa : Who spit in her bean curd? Mulan li shang shang yao first ancestor first elder matchmaker miriam margolyes george takei harvey fierstein bd wong. Mulan, matchmaker mulan, however, takes control of Li Shang's last cannon, aiming it for a nearby mountain. After the musical number called "Honor To Us All," she opens the doors, calls Mulan's name and takes her inside. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources, matchmaker mulan. Robert D. After close examination of the doll and traces on it by his five main men, Shan Yu deduces that the Imperial Army is waiting for them. Matchmaker : [grunting] Mulan : One moment. Matchmaker : Put it out! Fa Deng matchmaker mulan the only ancestor whose head is cut off, a result of Mushu's misguidance to him when he was a guardian. Reprised by the original voice actors sans Matchmaker mulan Watanabe did his own singingmatchmaker mulan, they had been to see the matchmaker that rejected Mulan in the first film, but she decided there could not be a match for any of them, and threw them out.
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    ЗнакомстваAt the end of the first film, his feathers are burned down by a fireball from Mushu to stop him from warning the Huns of Li Shang's presence, who then taunts him as " Mongolian barbeque " while Cri-kee laughs at him. Based on the real life emperor Qin Shi Huang , this character is shown as the wisest of all China. Mulan Jr. He even brings the kingdoms peace by uniting Shang and Mulan. Dating is the much preferable alternative in these cultures, like the one of the United States. He has a blue collar around his neck. In the upcoming live-action remake , he is portrayed by Jimmy Wong.



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