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    Huoshen begins to attack his own allies, not wanting any of them to know of his dark past. He was not allowed near candy, money, or women. The illusion of Zuoshi's dreamworld surrounding Honghong collapses and Rongrong and Bai Yuechu witness Dongfang and Honghong's conversing. User Ratings. Xue Yang meet singles russian to recover her ice spear. Photo Gallery. The Empress then laughed in approval and the scene РјРРЅРіР fox spirit matchmaker to the present. Bai Yuechu hears the disembodied voice of Dongfang telling him to save Honghong because she is Susu asking if he's willing to have her blood on his hands. Plot Summary. Susu then grabbed the Shadow Fox, РјРРЅРіР fox spirit matchmaker, shocking Zuoshi who could not understand how she was able to grab the spiritual body of the Shadow Fox. Qingtong breaks the bottle of pollen on Fugui after being stabbed by him triggering another flashback.
Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 22 English Sub
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    ЗнакомстваThe Taoists lament the loss of the Dongfang line and then Honghong lifts Huoshen into the air and explains that the blood inside his body is not his own. Meanwhile, Susu takes Yuechu to a magic item repair shop in Tushan to have her Matchmaker book repaired. Studios: Haoliners Animation League. Her pet rabbit, Tutu, has been able to smell the book in the nearby area explaining why all the spirits are around. This pisses Shi Kuan off and he tells Susu to shut up and that the Shadow Foxes have already helped him recover his memories and he no longer needs a Matchmaker. Instead he will help her pay the Taoist assistant back so she can be free from her burden and free to choose someone of her own free will instead of out of obligation for atonement. Honghong's power and strength continued to increase and while we are not given many details she evidently also became a renowned Matchmaker as evidenced by her legacy. In her day she was renowned as the most powerful fox spirit in the Spirit Realm and head of the Spirit Union before the start of the series it is possible that Tushan Yaya has since surpassed her. Yuechu then jumped on the back of the Shadow Fox and ate him up with his devouring move. Action Adventure Fantasy.



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